In our traditional workshop we manually make finished tiles out of clay. We reproduce old tiles that are no longer available but also modern tiles to your own taste and design. During the reproduction of antique tiles we integrate as much craftmanship as possible in our contemporary creative process.

After slow drying “on the air,” the tiles are baked at 1060 or 1180 °C, depending on the desired application. A fire glaze gives each tile its final look. All of our ceramic tiles are frost-free and are baked on the right temperatures for stoneware.

Because the tiles are handcrafted in homemade molds, shadings, small size differences and other imperfections give your tiles an absolutely unique character compared to mass-produced and therefore rather sterile tiles. The delivery time is always at least six weeks – depending on the required drying time for the tiles – longer times can be possible depending on the size of the order. The tiles are delivered to the customer. All our tiles are made on demand and order.

In interiors or facades of historic houses, you often find old tiles that are no longer available. These can be reproduced on request by Tegula. In order to make the most precise copy possible we always request a sample tile for our colour and clay studies.

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